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ratpag 03-S-02 “The One Where They Mail it In”

You probably thought ratpag was full of fresh ideas when we made our triumphant return some 4 – 7 days ago.  What a silly thought.  Today we present the second post of our third phase in this wacky ratpag experiment.  Take … Continue reading

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Please Quit Your Job and Travel (Link Dump)

ratpag is happy to present another installment of our known series, Link Dump, as it tackles a topic near and dear to ratpag’s heart:  quitting.  You see, ratpag isn’t big on putting its head down and doing something just because it … Continue reading

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ratpag Finally Discovers A Reason to Live

Editor’s note: ratpag got drunk last night (technically yesterday afternoon) celebrating a colleague’s successful dissertation defense. Too hungover to edit, ratpag is pulling a three week-old post from the draft folder, where half-assed posts go to die. Enjoy!   Last … Continue reading

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AMTRAK PREZ TO AMERICA: “What the hell is wrong with [you people]?…debt…is not my problem.”

We admit:  we’re trying new things with our headlines.  We thought this one would be an attention grabber.  In all honesty, these mangled words spoken by Amtrak president Joseph Boardman has made a lot of us here at ratpag aware … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Stupid – Ride the Train From L.A. to San Diego

We were going to discuss this, the “foul-mouthed video” that shattered Japan’s politeness (caused by a train!) but we felt there was little to add that Rocket News 24 hadn’t already covered.  So instead we got lazy and decided to … Continue reading

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