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ratpag Takes a Break From Ranting to Dust Off an Old Holiday Favorite: The Link Dump (Retirement Version)

Oh my!  You, the reader, must have been quite distressed as you waited, and waited, and waited for more rail and transit news from ratpag.  Are there other sources for transporation news?  What would you do if ratpag retired? Luckily for you, … Continue reading

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Failed Submission Friday: Do Subway Ads Do Anything?

Don’t be afraid to take that leap – even if it leads to painful, public failure.* ratpag will occasionally open its brain to other entities, so to speak, in effort to draw attention to our cause and, more importantly, make money … Continue reading

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Point-Counterpoint: Is the DC Metro Better than the NYC Subway?

ratpag was anonymously forwarded this article yesterday, posted by Mobility Lab, which listed 5 reasons the DC Metro is better than the NYC subway.  Now, ratpag is nothing if not a blind supporter for all forms of public and non-car transportation, including … Continue reading

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ratpag’s Public Transit Guide to Select Baseball Stadiums Plus Our Viral Marketing Efforts

ratpag spent yesterday afternoon at a baseball game because what else has ratpag got to do on a Tuesday at 1 pm?  Nothing.  While aimlessly wondering the concourse and trying with great might to figure out a way to afford … Continue reading

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