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ratpag’s EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Enemy

  ratpag is a democracy or a republic.  And as a democracy/republic, we feel that it’s important to get to know what the other side is thinking so that one can know where to attack and where to prepare one’s defenses for a … Continue reading

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ratpag Closes a Banner Week With Hate Mail and a Trip to New York Tech Day

ratpag had a big day yesterday as more eyes than ever were laid upon our witty banter and, at times, serious and meaningful moments of learning and reflection.  Over three-quarters of those eyes were Canadian – successfully drawn into our … Continue reading

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Guest Op-Ed: The Other Side

Someone at our most recent board meeting suggested that we should open our wildly popular forum to all opinions:  pro-light rail, pro-subway, pro-long-distance-bus (ugh), and even THE OPPOSITION.  “OK, we guess?”  So, without any further ado, a guest op-ed by the National … Continue reading

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