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ratpag is Pro-Lying; Finds Examples Where This Could Backfire

Your New Jersey correspondent was perusing the news from the BBC and his eye was caught by an advice column with this quote:  “If you mess up, it’s your responsibility to fess up.”  Is this good advice?  Let’s look at … Continue reading

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Amtrak Takes Its Delays to the Supreme Court

Hell yeah!  ratpag and Amtrak go together like peas and carrots but that doesn’t mean that ratpag doesn’t get irritated when Amtrak takes a bit too long to arrive at the place at the time on the ticket.  How’s that for … Continue reading

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ratpag Gets Organiz-ized

ratpag went and bought some Adderall off a few high schoolers last night and boom!  Complete site reorganization. Of course, we’re being a bit facetious as not all the site has been reorganized – we don’t know what to do with some … Continue reading

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