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Beyoncé is the standard-bearer for mediocrity

Can ratpag get off-topic for a minute? The title of this post was buried deep in an article about Tavi Gevinson, which should be a hint that at least one of us at ratpag is female. And that makes Beyoncé-bashing OK, … Continue reading

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ratpag Celebrates Its 102nd Post, Talks of LIRR Strike, and Yellowstone Transit

First, ratpag wants to be clear:  we’re only celebrating our 102nd post – not a LIRR strike or Yellowstone transit, which is nonexistent.  So let’s start from the top… Part of ratpag’s staff was on a fact-finding mission in the Rockies … Continue reading

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You’re Not Having Any Adventures, Because You’re Sitting On Your Couch Like A Loser

Part of ratpag is off hiking in the Rockies, for like the eigth time this year, so a much less involved part of ratpag is running the show. ratpag is tired, and is working off a discontinued 8.9″ Samsung Galaxy … Continue reading

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Should Uber Have To Follow The Law? Part 2

ratpag must be old, because we don’t “get” Uber. The company, Uber, makes an app, also called Uber, that connects ride-seekers with operators of taxicabs, limousines, or just private citizens who happen to own a car. Uber sets the rates, … Continue reading

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Should Uber Have To Follow The Law? Part 1

Do you ever sit down to write something, but fear holds you back? You start thinking, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” or “I should do more original research, I’m just regurgitating other people’s thoughts,” or “everyone will find out … Continue reading

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$18,200,000,000 + 3 Rules + 69 + 1 Meter Resolution = ratpag

It’s been a big week in Silicon Valley. At some point last summer, every 20-year-old with a laptop decided they were going to revolutionize transportation. Some dream big, like Google who is building 100 golf carts with windows that may … Continue reading

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ratpag Judges: Our Rating of the Norfolk Tide Light Rail System

Today we introduce our first installment in what is sure to be a very long, drawn-out series of ratpag rating various public transportation systems around the country and, why not, the world. If there exists a transit system that we’re … Continue reading

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