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ratpag Takes Umbrage to Anti-Streetcar Propaganda – Significant Umbrage

ratpag was catching up on highbrow news when we caught this anti-streetcar article in The Economist.  To correct the obvious misinformation in The Economist’s article, we have clarified some of their most misleading statements: Commuters have long preferred cars and buses.  ratpag has … Continue reading

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ratpag’s EXCLUSIVE Interview With The Enemy

  ratpag is a democracy or a republic.  And as a democracy/republic, we feel that it’s important to get to know what the other side is thinking so that one can know where to attack and where to prepare one’s defenses for a … Continue reading

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Point-Counterpoint: Is the DC Metro Better than the NYC Subway?

ratpag was anonymously forwarded this article yesterday, posted by Mobility Lab, which listed 5 reasons the DC Metro is better than the NYC subway.  Now, ratpag is nothing if not a blind supporter for all forms of public and non-car transportation, including … Continue reading

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