Back By Popular Demand


Welcome back, ratpag.  It’s funny – we had never expected to return by popular demand after having ceased operations some six months ago due to extreme lack of popularity – but here we are.  We realize you may have some questions for us.  We have some for you, too.  But first, to ease our way back into it – a little Q & A:

ratpag, does this mean that you’re now unemployed?

No.  Obviously if we’re making new posts for ratpag we can’t possibly be unemployed because writing for ratpag is work.  Tireless, unrewarding work.

Will ratpag be returning to its diligent 5-post-per-week (and sometimes on Sundays) schedule?

No.  Absolutely not.

Care to give a reason?

No…not really.  5 ratpags a week was pretty unsustainable.  In fact, 5 ratpags a week, along with our excessive unpopularity, is probably what contributed to ratpag’s 6+ month hiatus which we’re only now very slowly emerging from.  The idea of writing 5 ratpags a week makes us want to go on another hiatus.

ratpag formerly served as a “rail and transit” source before briefly turning its interests towards “recreation and travel” – will there be a defined focus this time around?

No, not specifically.  ratpag will post whatever cutting-edge, disruptive, avant-garde material it deems worthy when it deems worthy.  We see ourselves as a sort of  municipal treatment system that stands between the raw sewage that is most topics of discussion and the clean, treated discharge that will be our focus of discussion.  First topic of deep analysis is likely to be tomorrow’s Republican debate.

Can you assure us that there will be no abrupt, unannounced hiatuses in the near future?


Will ratpag be soliciting outside stories by non-ratpag employees in the near future?


Is ratpag hiring?


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