ratpag Turns One

babys cryin

To be precise – ratpag turned one just the other day.

It’s hard to believe but one year ago – February 21, 2014 – ratpag reintroduced itself to the world with a functioning website.  We threw our weight behind the L.A. Metro Rail connector project and look where it is now:  in progress!

Now, ratpag can’t claim all the credit for the “daylong and evening lane closures on Alameda Street” or the 10 days of construction that will “mean eastbound Second will be closed at Broadway” but we will say that we are pleased with the disruptions this public transit project is causing motorists throughout downtown.

So what else is happening with the Connector project?  Well, Comrade Obama has redistributed 115 million taxpayer dollars to the project, which has “already secured $670 million from the Federal Transit Administration and a $160 million federal loan.”  Book your tickets now for the 2020 opening of the project to cash in on your investment!

ratpag, what’s with the sarcasm?  You love actions that direct unlimited resources towards public transportation projects.

Yes, true – we’re not being sarcastic.  We really do plan on being there in downtown L.A. for the opening of the Metro Connector project in 2020 – so should you!

So where does ratpag go from here?  We haven’t been particularly consistent with our postings.  We apologize.  ratpag has no excuse.  We do want to pat ourselves on the back for having produced 171 posts over our first year.  That seems pretty good.  So maybe you should stop complaining, hmmm, and look back on such unprecedented productivity from an organization with a stolen rat-in-suit image as its logo!

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