ratpag <3 <3 <3 Blizzards

Can ratpag be serious for a minute?  Like 2nd Ave. Sagas’ “postmortem” on subway closures serious?  We love snow.  If this organization wasn’t about rail or transit (or recreation and travel) it’d probably be about the weather.  We’d call ourselves something like the “Rain and Tornado Progress Advocacy Group” just to save money from ever having to buy another domain name again.

So did you hear about the NYC Blizzard of ‘015?  How could you not – we’re talking about NYC!

Screenshot_2015-01-25-17-49-32 For all NYC intents and purposes, the blizzard was a colossal bust.  Had ratpag known that ahead of time we wouldn’t have sent out every one of our NYC-area correspondents to document nature’s wrath on the city’s transportation infrastructure.  Nevertheless, some of our observations…

Monday, 2:14 pm


ratpag has quarantined itself inside Vazacs Horseshoe Bar in Alphabet City.  The snow is falling outside at a considerable, miserable rate.  Every direction turned results in headwinds; snow “flakes” more like little snow rocks.  Very painful.

Very concerned at lack of bar patrons.  Perhaps not everyone felt it responsible to be at bar during middle of work day / snowstorm?  Unlikely says fellow bar patrons.  They’re all just “pussies” says fellow bar patrons.

Monday, 3:42 pm


The time has come for ratpag to disembark the Horseshoe bar and walk homeward bound towards Brooklyn.  Also hastily-scheduled ratpag correspondent’s meeting at Pacific Standard bar in Park Slope.  No, ratpag does not just drink all the time and no, ratpag does not live in Park Slope.  ratpag does wish in the affirmative on both prior counts.

We are pleased with the cleared pedestrian way along the Manhattan Bridge.  Pathway seems even more clear than many of the surrounding roadways, which also pleases ratpag.





Monday, 5:25 pm

The walk from Manhattan took much longer than ratpag anticipated.  Conditions outside deteriorating.  Correspondents rendezvous at Pacific Standard under ratpag-marked territory:

20150101_002028Much discussion about the upcoming New York City transportation closures.  Verdict:  thumbs up, brilliant decision on shutting down automotive transportation at 11 pm.  Thumbs down, poor decision on shutting down all public transportation.   ratpag briefly considers taking matter into its own hands – perhaps we could operate the city’s public transportation?  Reality sets in.  ratpag departs for home just in time to not be stranded by massive transportation shutdown.

Tuesday, 4:05 am

ratpag wakes up to urinate.  Like a little school boy, ratpag can’t help but to sneak a peek at the blizzard’s mayhem.  Disappointment.  Blizzard is not panning out (at least not in NYC – New England another story).    ratpag returns to sleep.  ratpag is “working from home” for the time being, anyway, so can wake up whenever he wants.

Tuesday, 9:00 am


ratpag’s New Jersey correspondent hits the streets in search of news.  Nothing to report.  He did capture this exclusive pic of a traffic-less, car-less Holland Tunnel.  ratpag editorial staff very happy at such a sight; gives Jersey correspondent a promotion.


NJ correspondent also found evidence of public transportation operating while cars were not.  Another promotion.


Finally, a nearly car-free picture from Manhattan.  No promotion (we can see cars).

Tuesday, 1 pm

ratpag’s editorial staff crawls out of bed and walks to the city.  Best way to observe a city is by foot.  ratpag still inspired by Wayne Curtis’s The Last Great Walk.  This time we traverse the Brooklyn Bridge on our way to Manhattan.  Well-cleared paths.


After a 3 pm power lunch of waffles and bagels at the Remedy Diner, ratpag decides to once again walk back home.  Did you lose your MetroCard, ratpag?  No, ratpag just has a lot of time to fill.


Tuesday, nighttime 


The heavens had cleared.  NYC seemed back to normal.  ratpag satisfied itself by watching a neighbor dig out a vehicle using a broom:


ratpag took this snow storm as an opportunity not to hunker down and stay inside but to roam the streets and explore a city.  We encourage the same the next time a major storm selects your region!  And kudos to New England for digging bouncing back so quickly.

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