ratpag Takes a Break From Ranting to Dust Off an Old Holiday Favorite: The Link Dump (Retirement Version)

May we all be so fortunate to live to such an age.

May we all be so lucky to reach a happy retirement.

Oh my!  You, the reader, must have been quite distressed as you waited, and waited, and waited for more rail and transit news from ratpag.  Are there other sources for transporation news?  What would you do if ratpag retired?

Luckily for you, ratpag has not prepared for retirement.  Unfortunately for you, ratpag has closely analysed the rail and transit system and, by doing that, it has completed many of the steps recommended by the BBC to retire by age forty.

Stock up on money before you retire:

Transit riders have long been stocking up on tickets, passes, tokens, and swipes before fare hikes.  Up in Toronto, token sales were suspended as riders were hoarding them in preparation for a January fare hike.  Down here in the New Jersey region, the PATH system limited our correspondent to putting 140 rides on his “SmartLink” RFID tap card prior to the latest fare increase.  Across the Hudson, the MTA invalidated monthly MetroCards that were bought before the latest fare hike and not used within a few weeks after it took effect.

Spend a lot of time preparing to retire:

Followers of transit news are well aware of the need for planning.  Out west, in Minnesota, they’re planning train service between Minneapolis and Duluth.  Planning will take at least another two years, and service wouldn’t start until 2020.  In Baltimore, planning for a new rail tunnel to bypass an existing choke point in the Northeast Corridor has been going on for years, with no signs of a happy resolution.  In Arizonia and Utah, planning has made the transportation system better for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Reduce your expenses:

Reducing expenses is very common for transit systems.  In New Haven, they have reduced their expenses by scaling back plans for a renovation of their Union station.  In New Jersey, money for transportation is scarce…..so scarce that people speculated the governor would raise the gas tax!  And, out in Wyoming, expenses are being reduced by using more efficient street lights.

Consider your family:

When planning for retirement, it’s important to consider your family’s expenses rather than just your own.  Will you be buying Christmas gifts for your children?  Maybe you want to send your family on a trip?  Amtrak can help do that with their family vacation packages.  Look at all the places your family could go!

Test it before you jump in completely:

Retiring could be quite a shock to the system!  ratpag has had its agents try to retire and see if it is possible:  the shock of going back to into the workforce was overwhelming.  Luckily the rail and transit system provides examples of trials and tests.  For example, Oklahoma will test rail service between the biggest cities in that state, with the hope of it becoming permanent.  Oregon plans to test a vehicle miles traveled tax, rather than raising the gas tax.

There you go!  Hopefully you are well prepared to retire, and you can begin contemplating where you should go when you retire.  Perhaps North Carolina, Texas, or Utah.

Another great way to prepare for retirement:  be the MLB commissioner.

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