Happy Holidays – ratpag Returns

It’s true:  ratpag is back.

So what brought us back?  And what exactly were we doing all that time?

It’s been an interesting few months since we began our hiatus (we struggled over whether to call it a hiatus or sabbatical).  We got into a new form of gambling (we didn’t do well).  We studied the teachings of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (didn’t take).  One of us bought an electric piano!  But try as we might, we couldn’t sustain a diversion long enough to distract us from all the transportation needs that the world needs us to resolve.

You lost your job, didn’t you?

We did not (yet) lose our job.  Nobody lost any jobs.  It’s just…it’s that someone is considering this progress?  Philly is no longer using tokens and that’s progress?  ratpag remembers the time it first walked into a SEPTA station – no one around, no apparent ticket machines or employees of any kind – and walked right to the platform to wait for free mass transportation to arrive.  ratpag then got a little uneasy – still no other people around, unsure how a city like Philadelphia could afford to operate a free transit system given the state of its above-ground environment – and left.

But those 90 second – 2 minutes, tops – of free mass transportation felt like progress.  This break from tokens is just silliness.  It shouldn’t be news.  SEPTA should be embarrassed to announce this.

So ratpag returns in search of real progress:  free mass transportation for all.  Short of that, we’ll take just discussing the the wide world of transportation news.  And also bitch about work and stuff.  And Uber.  We had changed our tune on Uber – now they can’t be trusted!  And how about the possibility of another government shutdown??  That’d certainly impact transportation funding a bit.

Most important of all, we return because we know you need ratpag.  You crave it.  Look, we get it.  It’s well-written, it’s funny, it’s very well-presented – the complete package.  So we know that you need us.  And, maybe just a little, we need you, too – but not as much as you need us.

Anyway, give us some time to get our voice back.  We may drop the we, at times, and throw in some I’s.  We’ll get off-topic a bit, because non-stop transportation coverage can be boring and monotonous and we don’t want to beat a dead horse.  And we’re going to start fresh!  Phase 1 of ratpag was great – no doubt – a solid rookie season, but we’re beyond that now and will see where we go in Phase 2.

The schedule is that there is no schedule, as of yet.  We’re just gonna sort of freeball it like Rolling Stone for a time and see how that works out.  So be sure to check early and check often whilst ratpag re-establishes operations!

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