An Ode To Quitting


There’s been a lot in the news lately about certain people quitting – just plain old giving up – and some of that must’ve stuck somewhere in ratpag’s little rat subconscious.  One of ratpag’s favorite pastimes is quitting – in fact, we quit covering rail and transit just two days ago.   We used to post five days a week!  We quit doing that.  We quit transit for a week.  We covered Scotland’s vote to quit the UK.  We begged you time and again to quit your job.  And we know we’ve referenced our favorite Freakonomics podcast – about quitting – well…at least once.  Do you see what ratpag’s getting at here?

Don’t worry – we know our readers are a bit slow (certainly ungrateful).  You’d have to be if you actually continued reading ratpag for the last 7 months – 156 posts (we’ll count the 5 August best-ofs)!

So ratpag is proud to announce that post #157 (today’s post, for our continued slow readers) will be our last.

Does this mean ratpag is dead?  No.  As we mentioned long ago, ratpag can never die.  But ratpag will certainly cease normal operations immediately.

Where will I go for my rail and transit (or recreation and travel) news?  ratpag found this website to be of great use in gathering rail and transit (and, we presume, recreation and travel) news.  Try it!  Many of our Link Dumps found material in the AASHTO daily bulletin, which may explain our great inability to get Link Dumps posted in the AASHTO daily bulletin.

So if ratpag isn’t dead, but most certainly ceasing operations…how is ratpag not dead?  Great question.  We’re sure ratpag will pop up at random conferences, raining ratpag business cards and informational flyers about, and there’s always the possibility that ratpag could return again someday if a certain person becomes an unemployed person once again.  We give it a 50-50 shot; though, if that were the case, ratpag would probably have to start charging actual membership dues.  Extremely lightly-read free-to-access blogs don’t pay the bills and do not qualify as a tax write-off, despite our best efforts.

So, that’s it, huh?  Sigh…sadly, yes.  Your ratpag writing staff is off to explore other unpaid writing outlets, maybe even back here on WordPress, who knows.  Maybe we’ll even find another paying one again, someday.  Which brings us to our final talley:

  • ($35 received for one non-Failed Submission Friday entry) – ($18 spent on domain) = $17 net gain from ratpag operation (not including time spent)
  • 157 posts
  • 4,173 spam comments blocked
  • 5 unpublished, incomplete drafts of posts
  • As of September 30, ratpag received 2,859 views (presumably some of those were not bots, though likely not many)
  • Our best day was April 24, with 96 views, for The Greatest Conference Paper Ever Written
  • Our worst day was 0 (repeated).  There were a couple of those in late May.  Mass layoffs as a result.
  • Our best month was July, with 558 views.
  • Our worst month…it’s hard to say.  After a late February start and a moderately successful twitter spamming campaign in March we sort of plateaued in the low-to-mid 400s once April rolled around.  With that said, June was kind of shitty with only 363 views.

So that’s about it.  ratpag must be bad at goodbyes because we’re just rambling on.  Time for us to ride off into the sunset.  We’ll let you know through another major spamming if we’re back or moved on to something else.  Otherwise, thank you for reading and we’ll sign off with this – our most overly-referenced TV show:

(Maybe picking the clip with the anti-transit overtones was a mistake.  Good night everybody!)

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