ratpag Goes To An All-New Format

ratpag is proud to announce that, as of 12:01 am today, we are, without prior warning, switching formats from the former all-talk rail and transit programming to all-talk recreation and travel programming.  ratpag will be known henceforth as the “Recreation And Travel Progress Advocacy Group.”  How fortunate that such a name will be able to retain the same “ratpag” acronym!

Why the format change?  Well, unlike most news outlets, ratpag actually has the self-respect and dignity to will itself to put forth an honest effort day after day.  Alas, after 155 posts over 7 months focusing solely on rail and transit (kind of), we’ve kind of run out of ideas.  So instead of running out the same tired ideas around slightly modified themes we felt it might be nice to focus on a new topic even more near and dear to ratpag’s little rat heart.  But don’t kid yourselves – 155 installments is a lot!  Not to compare ourselves to Seinfeld, but they had 180 installments – we were pretty close!

In any case, ratpag will keep abreast of rail and transit news as it pertains to recreation and travel but will not focus on it as we had in the past.  What kind of schedule will we keep?  Who knows.  We’ll keep the usual Monday-Wednesday-Friday thing for now and see how that goes.

But, ratpag, I don’t care about recreation and travel.  Tough.  You have no choice but to read ratpag.  Better start liking recreation and travel.

ratpag, will you continue loosely-citing, at best, quotes and information from other, more reputable websites?  Yes.  Though we hope to have much more original material (we learned that focusing on rail and transit often only made available such original material as rat enjoys bagel and lengthy, detailed insults – those will still remain and be expanded upon).

ratpag, I was led to believe that I was supporting a public transportation advocacy group – an important cause in a world with so much inequality where access to affordable transportation can open the doors of opportunity to those in greatest need.  Can I get a refund on my membership dues and continuing financial support so as to redirect them towards a more worthy cause than travel blogging?  No.

Well, we’re pretty busy changing the website around so better cut off the questions there. Further inquiries can be directed to our marketing team TBA.

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