Transit Could Save Trillions – With a “T” – By 2050

Um, ratpag’s not entirely sure how legitimate our two sources – the Environment News Source and Sierra Sun Times (found at – used in this post really are…but let’s just go with it and see what we come up with.

So the word is that the world could save “more than US$100 trillion in public and private spending…between now and 2050 if the world expands public transportation, walking and cycling in cities,” as found in a report by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy and U.C. Davis.

In addition, “an estimated 1.4 million early deaths associated with exposure to vehicle tailpipe emissions could be avoided by 2050” as a result of the “reductions in carbon dioxide emissions reaching 1,700 megatons per year” (not to mention, presumably, fewer auto deaths from reduced driving).


ratpag isn’t here to dissect such data or tell you how to think.  That’s not how we operate.  We’ve always stood by our original “we report, you decide” motto.  So have at it.

Here’s an infographic to help you decide:

Why might it also be a good idea to invest more in transit?  According to a trend story from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “young people are twice as likely to take public transit than middle-aged Americans, and seven times more likely than those ages 60 and over.”

Yeah, but that’s because young people are poor and apathetic about car ownership and growing up.  Maybe.  But, according to the article, even when young people start growing up and doing “grown up” things, they are “still more apt to ride a bus or train than their parents.”

ratpag’s going to give you a conclusion to all this and we’ll let you decide how to get there.

  • Increased transit investment could save $100 trillion over the next 36 years.
  • 1.4 million early deaths could be avoided over the next 36 years from increased transit investment.
  • More and more young people are comfortable with using transit even as they grow older.

What should we do???

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