ratpag Reflects On One Of The Best Aspects Of Yesterday’s Climate March

Yesterday in New York City, where ratpag’s global headquarters is located, there was a march for against climate change.  ratpag thinks that’s a good thing.  Even better is that this climate change march closed several major avenues and crosstown streets to motor vehicles for a significant portion of the day!  The New York Times provides the following map of the march route:


As you can see, a solid chunk of Central Park West was closed, as well as 6th Avenue and 42nd Street.  Over 310,000 people were estimated to have marched which, as you might expect, took some time.  So what is ratpag so happy about?  That’d be the road closures, “tow zones,” and traffic “nightmares” as a result of this event.

ratpag is particularly fond of the warning given to motorists along the march route to “please remember to remove your car if you park here, or else cars will be towed by the NYPD tonight” with many of the towed vehicles to be impounded in a lot in Queens.

So what is ratpag’s problem?  Why are we such assholes towards cars?  Why don’t we just get a life (NO – you get a life!!)?  ratpag just really doesn’t like cars polluting and running over people and the noise – so much noise.  If an actual person emitted the amount of noise a car does they’d be shot on sight.

We will admit that we weren’t thrilled with the marches crippling of the subway system in a few locales:

subway delay

We guess that’s the price of doing business if you’re gonna block off several major arteries from motor vehicles (and ratpag just wants to know – why are you driving in Manhattan anyways?  It shouldn’t even be possible for this to be an inconvenience!).

Anyway, thanks to all who helped block up motor vehicle traffic by marching yesterday.  ratpag can only dream of a time when all streets and avenues in Manhattan are free of cars!

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