ratpag Mocks Looming Deadline; Hits It Out Of The Park


Murderers.  Their lust for blood knows no bound.

Murderers. Their lust for blood knows no bound.

Can ratpag go off-topic for a minute?  So yes, we’re pro-rat here at ratpag, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a peaceful afternoon watching rat-killing dogs.  So be warned – this is no pleasant rat enjoys bagel type of day – what we’ve compiled here are some of the best (that could be found within minutes of deadline) ratter videos documented on youtube.

The first, titled ratting HD massacre!!

My God.  Look at those dogs go.  Having such fun.  Some had to be pulled away by the skin just to avoid getting crushed by the earth moving machine – that’s what you call focus.  The golf-club seemed a bit…overboard, but we suppose there was some point to this bloodshed.

The next, titled Fast action ratting with terriers

So just how into ratting are the British?  The first real action happens around the 2:18 mark but, if you’ve got the time (and we couldn’t imagine how you couldn’t, if you’re here), you might just learn something in those first 2:18.  Around 3:30 you can see a “youngster get his first rat,” which is pretty cute.  There are a few more human-rat interactions (beatings), which can only bring to mind Simpsons episode 9F18, Whacking Day.

We head to the States for our third video, titled Dogs Hunt Rats in Lower Manhattan

This one’s a bit tame, but there are a few good kills in there.  Now, you might think this is barbaric.  You’d be wrong.  As the video states, this ratting group “allows the dogs to reconnect with their past.”  So sure, you may have spurned your natural human instincts and convinced yourself that, yes, it does make sense to perform coffee enemas or other alternative-lifestyle therapies but…please just let the dogs do their thing.

Why do we need ratters?

Video 4 – Rats Are Not Scared To Cuddle

You may have seen this, but let this tie-back-video-to-transit serve as a reminder…

So ratpag thinks we’ve learned a lot today.  We saw some killings, got a taste of blood after the long work week, and we think that’s something to really appreciate.  Have a great weekend!

rat sax

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