ratpag Announces Modified Service

service change

America wanna see us live, not work.


ratpag is proud to introduce our new format – instead of 5 original, creative, thought-provoking, introspective posts per week, we’ll instead be presenting 3 original, creative, thought-provoking, introspective posts per week.  Think this isn’t a BFD?  Have you not seen how less is better?

heineken ad

To quote Heineken:  “open your world.”

The fact is, ratpag’s been around for over 6 months now.  Wow!  And, in that time, ratpag has learned a few things.  First, it’s somewhat difficult to write about transit 5 days a week.  ratpag clearly doesn’t care about page clicks (or ratpag would’ve folded 6 months ago) so ratpag fails to see the utility in creating daily posts that may or may not be readable.  So, we guess, what else we’ve learned is that quality comes over quantity, but we probably should have known that before.  We didn’t!

So our schedule has been reduced.  We’re thinking we’ll do a Monday-Wednesday-Friday format and see how that goes.  But don’t fear – ratpag isn’t dead.  ratpag can never die because ratpag is on the internet and will survive long past the expiration date of any of its creators.

So what’s our story today?  Well, our friends at Fox News have posted a Reuters story reporting on a study by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and University College London (originally written at the BMJ.com – who says the internet is unoriginal!) that “people who walk, bike or take public transportation to work tend to be thinner than those who ride in their own cars.”  That’s good!

The study found that “men who actively commuted to work or took public transportation had a BMI score between 0.9 and 1.1 points lower than me who drove themselves” (“active commuting” generally refers to walking, biking or taking public transit to work).  Similar results were also seen for women and, based on such lower BMI scores, “for a 5-foot 4-inch woman the difference would translate to about 6 pounds.”

So what’s your excuse for not riding public transit?  Do you enjoy being fat?  Bullied by former world leaders??

Any man who rides a bus to work after the age of 30 can count himself a failure in life.

-Margaret Thatcher

Maybe we’ll put that on our masthead.  To be fair, many believe she didn’t quite say that but, if nothing else, consider your health when you choose to drive – check out this cherry-picked article discussing more ways that driving kills you!

The rest of the Mad Real World featuring Tron’s quote from above:

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