ratpag Gets Back to Its Roots; Transit to Expand

Not to scale.

Not to scale.

That’s our way of saying “we mailed it in.”  

Actually, ratpag was a bit short on time and, wouldn’t you believe it, it’s still August and there’s little rail and transit news to discuss.  We’re beginning to think we should just take the rest of the month and/or year off.  But dammit, we’re ratpag, and we don’t take time off.  We’re far too industrious and professional and American to take time off – how would the world function without us?  We’re still going to mail it in.

Today’s post looks a bit like one from the early days when we weren’t really mailing it in but had no idea what to do.  Your theme:  rail and transit expansion.

Cities everywhere are looking to expand their transit systems!  Why, even Hernando County residents will be enjoying expanded transit in their future!  That’s right, the Hernando County commission voted 5-0 to “enhance the system known as THE Bus as early as the 2015-2016 budget year.”  Whoa!

Buses will run at 60 minute intervals, which is an improvement, and a new line that will “run from the Walmart Supercenter on Wiscon Road in Brooksville to the Walmart on U.S. 19 in Spring Hill” will be added.  Though universal Walmart coverage will be provided the bus will also, inexplicably, run to the regional airport.

How about a bigger city?  You got it!  CityLab wrote one of their classic 10,000,000-word articles about Las Vegas spending some money to think about maybe expanding transit.  That’s something! The city has

staked $2.7 million to engage the urban planning services of Michael Gallis, who will study the Vegas resort corridor and recommend how it can creates (and pay for) a genuine cohesive mobility network.

Who knows what he’ll come up with – the plan will take over a year to devise – but, as CityLab discusses, the Vegas Strip seems well-suited to support some kind of rail transit system (they also mention that Gallis worked on Charlotte’s light rail and that “a rail system will be strongly considered”).

So there you have it – transit is set to expand in two of our country’s greatest cities.  Maybe your town will be next!

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