ratpag’s Summer Friday Best-Of Series

That’s our way of saying “rerun”.  ratpag has always been inspired by David Letterman and, though we’d like to avoid the heart-bypass surgery and shingles episode of some time ago, we’d like to follow in his footsteps in some way.  ratpag, being what it is, has few options other than taking a smattering of summer Fridays off with the same Tired Ass Syndrome (T.A.S.) that afflicted Dave over a decade ago.  

Our second installment comes from March 13, 2014 – just 10 days after our first best-of!  Who knew ratpag had so many great posts compressed into such little time?  Again from the early days of ratpag, this post was our first trek into culture and mindset of Silicon Valley.  Oh, land of tech and start-ups, what a fine source of material you have been.

Elon Musk’s Face

Here at ratpag, we either support or oppose Hyperloop, Elon Musk’s conceptual reduced air pressure tube transport system. It depends on how sarcastic we’re feeling and which one of us you’re talking to. There are a lot of shortcomings from his 50-page PDF that had no input whatsoever from the civil engineering profession (you know, the one’s who would have to actually build it), but we’ll save that for another post. The real achievement is that he got respected engineers to spend time reading and critiquing his glorified blog post of an idea for free, and more media attention than I can fathom.

Another analogy? It’s basically the Red Bull Stratos space jump, except it never happened.

But we’re not going to talk about Hyperloop. We’re going to talk about how it must feel to walk past a magazine rack and see this ridiculous photo of yourself on the cover of Fortune.


That facial expression… the #1 in front of your name… an interview by a guy from TED, an organization with the highest media coverage to usefulness ratio imaginable… the black v-neck muscle shirt…? I could write an essay on the cover alone, and I haven’t even gotten to the Time cover yet.


“Yeah, ok now touch your chin like you’re trying to hide a cleft… uh, huh, right, you’re thinking deep thoughts, you’re saving the planet, good. Love the black leather motorcycle jacket. Ok, I think we got it. I feel influenced. Ready for your interview with Richard Branson?”

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