ratpag’s Summer Friday Best-Of Series

That’s our way of saying “rerun”.  ratpag has always been inspired by David Letterman and, though we’d like to avoid the heart-bypass surgery and shingles episode of some time ago, we’d like to follow in his footsteps in some way.  ratpag, being what it is, has few options other than taking a smattering of summer Fridays off with the same Tired Ass Syndrome (T.A.S.) that afflicted Dave over a decade ago.  

Our first in the series comes from March 3, 2014, when ratpag was just a couple weeks old and still figuring out what, exactly, it was doing.  The passing time has only made whatever it is we do confusing and unclear.

Rat Enjoys Bagel on Subway Tracks

We know, we know – rats on subway tracks are not a rare occurrence.  This rat just seemed so damned pleased, though, that we felt it necessary, while out in the field, to document the successful scavenger feasting upon his prize.

ratpag has something of an appreciation of rats – not only from our name but from this book – and though we wouldn’t like to be greeted by such vermin in our home.  Our home!  Where we sleep!  Where we come to play with our toys.  We don’t really mind seeing them down on the tracks, enjoying a bagel.

So here he is, on the Coney Island bound tracks of the Q train at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station in Brooklyn, the king rat (not to be confused with the Rat King – do NOT click if eating or squeamish):

rat bagel

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