ratpag’s DC Correspondent Reports From Argentina; Sends Several Pictures, Rambling Messages


Last week we noted that our DC correspondent has been sent down South America-ways to report on the culture and infrastructure of Argentina.  We’ve since received sporadic correspondence and have threatened to have his visa revoked if relevant reporting had not been received by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on July 22.  At 11:58 pm we received the following:

The DC correspondent could spend some time discussing the Disney-like tourist shuttle that takes visitors from the expansive parking lot to the trails at Iguaçu Falls in Brasil or about the little toy-like train that takes visitors from yet another expansive parking lot to the trails at Iguaçu Falls in Argentina, “Las Cataratas”.  Wonderful.  Timely.  Modern.  Efficient.  Yada yada yada.


Iguaçu Falls in Brasil.

Iguaçu Falls in Brasil.


Iguaçu Falls in Argentina.

Iguaçu Falls in Argentina.

ratpag isn’t sure what part of “infrastructure reporting” wasn’t clear in our directives.

Just this morning we received a new report of questionable decipher-ability(?):

ratpag’s DC correspondent staved off disaster while on site in Salta, Argentina this week.  You see, a popular attraction in this area is Tren de las Nubes (or “train of the Clouds” in American) – this refers to its peak altitude of over 4,000 meters.

This Argentine “news” article details the horrific experience of the 400 passengers who were on the unfortunate Tren de las Nubes that derailed.  This could have been your DC correspondent!!  Luckily, your DC correspondent took the Argentine highway network – a lovely drive involving travel at three times the posted speed through narrow, dangerous work zones whilst being passed over double yellow lines.  It’s like everyone was working for Uber!  Heyooooooooooooo!

Anyway, your DC correspondent made it just fine [yada yada yada -editor] and here are some pics!

image (2)

image (3)

image (4)

ratpag used to be a big fan of the show Survivor about 10 years ago, or whenever it first came on air.  In light of that, though our correspondent did provide some transportation reporting, we deduct points for that reporting being en español.  So should we vote our DC correspondent out of returning to the US?  Once again, the following poll:

Nos broma, por supuesto, sobre la revocación de la visa de trabajo de nuestro corresponsal, pero estamos bastante serio sobre el transporte y las políticas y los debates relacionados con la infraestructura. Aunque nos nunca (intencionalmente) puso un compañero ratpagger en peligro, nos sentimos en el derecho a yada yada yada …

El hecho del asunto es – ratpag es sólo amargamente celoso de viaje de nuestra corresponsal DC a Argentina. ¿Qué tan tonto debemos no hemos enviado a nosotros mismos?

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