Urban Hiking: The 4 Bridge Challenge

photo1Sometimes, when ratpag is feeling blue, ratpag goes for a nice long walk over one of New York City’s many tall bridges to clear its mind.  With the economy being the way it is and war after war after war and a readership base that stays stubbornly low, well…there’s been a lot of those walks lately.

But in those darkest of days rose a grand plan – a plan that couldn’t possibly have ever before been conceived – to walk across these great bridges of New York in one single bound!  So your ratpag team and some assorted subsidiaries convened this past Saturday morning at City Hall Park in Manhattan to begin the New York 4 Bridges Challenge.

Traffic stacked on the BQE in the distance.  A wonderful sight!

Traffic stacked on the BQE in the distance. A wonderful sight!

Now it’s a bit tough to see in the above picture, and for that ratpag apologizes, but traffic was at a near-standstill on the BQE this lovely Saturday morning.  You see, the Manhattan-bound side of the bridge was closed, as seen below, to allow workers to resurface – a problem that would not exist if we just allowed our Highway Trust Fund to run dry!photo2Our pace was brisk and we arrived in Brooklyn in short order.  This bridge was presumed, rightfully, to be the most treacherous of the hike as walkways were narrow and tourists plump and many; meandering aimlessly and stopping thoughtlessly quite often.

What a lovely memorial.

What a lovely memorial.  On the Brooklyn-side tower of the Manhattan Bridge.

The Manhattan Bridge rests only a short distance from the Brooklyn Bridge and away you go across the river once more.  ratpag chose the southern walkway due to its views of the Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan, as seen below:

From the Brooklyn-side tower of the Manhattan Bridge.

From the Brooklyn-side tower of the Manhattan Bridge.

ratpag was treated to constant views of the city skyline while walking alongside the ever busy N Q R subway tracks on the south side of the bridge.  Just imagine the hard on ratpag got every time a subway train screeched by at just an arm’s length away.

ratpag reached Manhattan and had completed two bridges in just an hour’s time.  For some reason we thought it would take much longer.  In any case, we continued up through Chinatown en route to the Williamsburg Bridge while making a stop at Prosperity Dumpling, which clearly is no secret place given its 2,000 Yelp reivews, but one that provides necessary protein in the form of 4-for-$1 dumplings.  If you are a true ratpagger you will follow our exact route and dining schedule.  We also stopped for a cup of coffee somewhere, but we don’t remember the name.


Williamsburg Bridge

ratpag continued along to Delancey Street and proceeded up the Williamsburg Bridge en route to Brooklyn once more…but wait – what’s this?!  A to be continued?  Yes, and ratpag gives a forced, meaningless apology.  You see, corporate just instituted mandatory “Thirsty Tuesdays” on the office and, well, we’re still ironing things out.  So we’re breaking up what’s turning out to be a rather long post, anyway, because we want to do this 4 Bridge Challenge right, dammit.  So tune in Friday as we’ll conclude our urban hike guide with all necessary stops, maps, and pictures and set the bar for future competitors.  (Please tune in tomorrow, too.  We’ll have a different post for then.)

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2 Responses to Urban Hiking: The 4 Bridge Challenge

  1. Seven Steavey says:

    As a big Ratpag fan, I mean no disrespect. But, didn’t ya’ll have to cross 5 bridges in order to complete this urban hike? The Pulaski Bridge connects Kings Country and Queens County. Please explain.


  2. ratpag says:

    We don’t count bridges that go over Superfund sites.

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