(Averted) LIRR Strike-Inspired Link Dump – Travel Near and Far


We here at ratpag were all geared up for a lengthy, painful LIRR strike and set the entire staff to research and report on all possible ways to prepare for the long haul.  Well, as luck would have it, the strike was averted.  We’re not ones to just throw away rejected or obsolete material and, so, we’ve decided to salvage a piece regarding what to do once the strike hit…

Tip Number 1 suggested that you, the Long Island commuter, move off the Island . Even if you cannot move off Long Island permanently, you can take a short vacation.  Here are three places you can visit while your fellow rail commuters are scrambling to get to work:

We don't get the appeal.

We just don’t get the appeal.

1.  San Francisco, California:  While reading the news this morning, your correspondent noticed that URS – based in San Francisco – is being bought by Los Angeles-based AECOM.  A trip to San Francisco could be fruitful in helping you understand this company and determine for yourself whether AECOM made a wise investment.  We here at ratpag have speculated about why an engineering firm with 50,000 employees is worth $6 billion dollars – the same as a tech company like Instagram – and far less than Uber, which may be worth $18 billion.  As well all know, many tech firms are based in San Francisco – so if you travel there you can report back on whether URS is really quite so valuable (when was the last time you heard anyone talk about URS – never!).

2.  Louisville, Kentucky:  Our friends at the Norfolk Southern Corporation have provided another example of freight railroads blocking the interests of the general traveling public.  If you go to Louisville, you can see the K&I Bridge, but you won’t be able to walk over it.  That’s because Norfolk Southern won’t allow pedestrians to use it, despite its historic use for multiple modes of transportation.  Of course, this isn’t the only dirty move by freight railroads.

The K&I Bridge on fire.  The bridge is no longer on fire at time of publishing.

The K&I Bridge on fire. The bridge was no longer on fire at time of publishing.

3.  New Castle County, Delaware:  If you visit New Castle County, you can see the location of a new port proposed along the shores of the Delaware River.  Also, President Obama was recently in Delaware to promote investment in infrastructure, so that’s something.  Also, speaking of investment in infrastructure, you could also visit a more southern Wilmington – in North Carolina.  In November the voters down there will decide whether they want a small tax increase to pay for transportation improvements.  If you listen to House Republicans, you’d believe that all tax increases are the devil and this will fail by a 100% vote.

Won't you stop in New Castle County?  Please?  We have a WaWa near the highway off-ramp.

Won’t you stop in New Castle County? Please? We have a WaWa near the highway off-ramp.

4.  DO NOT visit Interstate Route 80, Ohio:  First, this is a rail and transit news source, so we shouldn’t have to tell you not to visit an interstate highway.  But maybe you’d be tricked by the propaganda released by the Ohio Turnpike about the wonders of their new rest areas.  Well don’t let them trick you – the Ohio Turnpike is expensive!  And who else might you run into in Ohio other than Congressman John Boehner, the leader of the House Republicans, who are bringing us to the edge of disaster by not funding the Highway Trust Fund and all transportation projects along with it.

So there you have it:  places to visit while you get away from the LIRR Strike of 2014 get away from Long Island.

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