ratpag Goes International; Sends DC Correspondent to Argentina


We here at ratpag have decided to send* our DC correspondent to the Southern Hemisphere, specifically to the land of gauchos and abundant beef that we know as Argentina, to see if there are any lesson to be learned for transportation here in the good ol’ U.S. of A (and also to see how well that infrastructure withstood a World Cup win or loss – we were sending him either way).

[*note that no ratpag funding was invested in this reporting mission, much to the DC correspondent’s chagrin.]

[Editor’s note:  Sorry, the ratpag AMEX is reserved for full-timers.]

So our first report comes in from Mar del Plata, Argentina – the “Virginia Beach of Argentina.”  Take that for what you will!


Mar del Plata = Virginia Beach? ratpag could see that.

Your DC correspondent has traveled halfway across the world to bring you transportation insight and truth at this time when the eyes of the world are on Argentina in the World Cup final!

[Ed.’s note:  Or were in the World Cup final, which we now know Argentina lost.]

In this Argentinian coastal city, your DC correspondent has revealed a horrendous cover up by the European world and US “liberal” media.  Remember all those talks about the European cities that were removing all stop signs from their central business districts?

[Ed.’s note:  Well ratpag didn’t either!  Here are a few examples:  Let’s see…here’s one from Der Spiegel – in 2006!  Apparently their motto for stop sign removal was “unsafe is safe.”  CityLab wrote what may be their shortest article ever (12 paragraphs) on the practice catching on in Europe – this from late 2011.  And here is an example of the rare stop sign’s effectiveness in Argentina:

Here in Argentina, this “forward-thinking” and “innovative” idea has been common practice for years!  No stop signs at intersections but the common knowledge that you yield to oncoming vehicles approaching from the right – just like in the video!  Not such a radical idea after all, huh Europe?

Look at the benefits:  you reduce fuel consumption by not having to accelerate from a complete stop at every intersection, you reduce costs by not having to buy and install signage, and you increase safety by necessitating an increase in awareness for all drivers on the road passing through town.  VAMOS ARGENTINA!

El círculo de la vida:


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