Beers, Baseball, and Transit: Denver, Colorado

What’s more American than that headline?  ratpag company policy dictates that

No author shall be permitted to write for the expressed purposes of ratpag article contribution (as outlined in Section 3, Article XII(ix)) without first blowing at least a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration.  This is to ensure that no writer shall drive a personal automobile as the writer must be loyal to ratpag’s rail and transit ideology.

With that in mind, it comes as a surprise that we haven’t combined three of ratpag’s greatest loves into a convenient guide for our readers.  Who knows – maybe we’ll learn something today too!

So today we present our guide to a perfect and properly-done day:  breweries convenient to baseball convenient to transit.  Our first city, which we touched on a bit regarding dispensaries way back in February, when ratpag was still a baby, is Denver, Colorado – home of the Colorado Rockies.

Now, we have it on good order that one can obtain a $4 ticket for the Rockpile seats in center field – you just have to buy it 2 hours before the game (though there are a few advance tickets).  That’s incredibly cheap.  We’re assuming you’re just as cheap as ratpag, so go with those.

This brings us to beer.  Denver is one of the greatest cities in America for craft beer with no shortage of breweries or brew pubs or plain old bars with good beer on tap:

coors field

It’s actually a bit tough to see all the breweries in the area as there are so many, so we’ll go down the list.  First is the Blue Moon / Sandlot Brewery, which is located inside Coors Field (Yelp review).  Across the street is Breckenridge Brewery, which we thought had a few good beers and decent prices, but apparently Yelp was a bit middle ground.

We really recommend Great Divide, which is only about 4 blocks from the ballpark.  They have good variety, lots of strong beers, and there’s usually a food truck out front once the beer quickly works its way through your empty stomach.  The Denver Beer Company and Prost Brewing Company are also quite good and right across the South Platte River about 5 or 6 blocks from the ballpark (amongst other bars and breweries in the area).

Assuming you stop at every brewery listed, you shouldn’t be driving anywhere for the next 12-48 hours.  Not a problem as the Rockies have teamed up with RTD (light rail and bus) to get you far enough away from the stadium for your bladder to explode ten times over:


They even list upcoming game transit schedules here.  What a convenient way to visit several breweries and see a game.

We thought about doing another ballpark here, especially in light of the self-serve beer machines at Target Field in Minneapolis, but ratpag is learning – we’re getting wiser to our readers – and we know that you probably didn’t even read this far because you have an 8 second attention span (good for 1 second less than a goldfish).

So, for anybody who may still be reading (SEO bots), thank you for being so wonderful and hanging onto ratpag’s every last word.

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