ratpag Puts In a Solid Half-Day Before the 4th; Forgets Headline Again

Your New Jersey correspondent has taken a trip “Down the Shore” for the July 4th weekend but luckily for our international readers, fellow communists, and those without calendars who won’t be celebrating the holiday, he has found some links about the perils of driving on America’s sweet 238th-teen.

CNN says that this year will have the worst July 4th traffic in a decade while our friends at CBS are reporting that gas prices may be the highest for the holiday in six years. Six years! Your correspondent will be glad to be sitting on a beach – that is accessible by transit – rather than sitting in traffic!

And, since our British readers are definitely not celebrating Independence Day, 1) it’s sour grapes to publish articles saying that America’s roads are “shoddy” (no matter how true that may be), and 2) despite reports that our roads are crumbling it isn’t as bad as some publications are saying. London Bridge is not going to be bulldozed to clear the way for a marijuana tourism destination [Editor’s note: Now that’s what we call a non-sequitor!]

Back to your ratpag full-time staff here: Yes, that was a bit short for a work-day post but ratpag isn’t stupid – we know everyone is either cutting out of work early today, zoning out in a half-empty office, or calling in bomb threats because you’re out of vacation time. We get it. So let us all recharge our batteries with booze and burgers and beach while we celebrate how America is still undisputed #1 for the 238th straight year.

Don’t worry about underfunded infrastructure or tech companies skirting the law or the latest random, hastily-found mass transit news because that will all be here when everyone gets back next week.

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