The NYPD Goes After Illegal Swipers and ratpag Celebrates Yosemite’s 150th Anniversary

Since when are dogs allowed to ride the subway?

Since when are dogs allowed to ride the subway?

There are two things ratpag gets a hardon (you might not want to click that) for:  transportation funding and national parks.  So what a day we have today with two articles touching on these topics so near and dear to ratpag’s little rat heart.

Our first article comes to us from the New York Daily News and discusses the police crackdown on “subway scammers who jam MetroCard vending machines and then sell ‘swipes’ through the turnstiles.”  We here at ratpag applaud such policing and are happy to read that the “cops will be turning the heat up even more.”

We’re big on transportation funding and we’re not afraid to talk about it over and over and over again because it’s hard thinking of something transportation-related every single day of the week, week after unending week, for few to no readers.  This is why we’re so happy that Friday is a holiday.

Anyway, the fewer people there are breaking MetroCard machines, which costs money to repair, and subsequently selling swipes to others, which takes money away from the MTA, causing them to either raise fares or produce shittier service, the better.  And can ratpag be real?  Real real?  This is some broken windows stuff.  You can’t just have the lifeblood to a city being vandalized, broken, and scammed day in, day out.  As a result of increased policing some 260 scammers have been arrested this year – “a 45% increase over the same time period in 2013.”

It's like we have no ideas besides posting park pictures.

It’s like we have no ideas besides posting park pictures.

On to a happier note, yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant Act, signed by President Abraham Lincoln on June 30, 1864, which

granted to the State of California the “cleft” or “gorge” in the granite peak of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, situated in the county of Mariposa, in the State aforesaid, and the headwaters of the Merced River, and known as the Yo-Semite Valley…

…with the stipulation, nevertheless, that the said State shall accept this grant upon the express conditions that the premises shall be held for public use, resort, and recreation; shall be inalienable for all time…

People were very long-winded back then.  That seems to have been a pretty good day for President Lincoln.

Walking is transportation.

Walking is transportation.

As part of the celebration work will begin to “remove a 113-space parking lot near sequoia-laden Mariposa Grove,” which ratpag is all for, though a newer and bigger one will be built (though two miles away).  They’ll also be tearing down the big, ugly gift shop that one sees upon approach to the grove, meaning a visit to the sequoias will be to see sequoias, which is how the hippies want it.

So in a week of celebrations (the first being our 102nd post), happy 150th year to Yosemite.


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