ratpag Gets Organiz-ized


ratpag went and bought some Adderall off a few high schoolers last night and boom!  Complete site reorganization.

Of course, we’re being a bit facetious as not all the site has been reorganized – we don’t know what to do with some of those early posts.  So “uncategorized” they will remain (much like this post) but you can now navigate with ease towards your favorite Link Dump, autonomous vehicle smackdown, or what-have-you.

You may also notice that the site has a bit of a different look.  No – you don’t need to adjust your computer screens!


This is all part of a calculated effort by ratpag to give off a fresh, new, disruptive vibe.  Really, though, it just seemed a bit clunky to navigate around.

Ummm…other that that, it’s Friday…we don’t really do much around here on Fridays.  We’re pretty burnt out from the who reorganization thing…  So did you dump the pump yesterday?  We know we did.  Oh!  How about a survey:

Other than that…  It looks like Amtrak is seeing an increase in delays.  That’s not good.  We’re not going to talk about that today.  I’m sure there’s some argument that additional funding for the national rail system would be beneficial as many of the delays are caused by “persistent problems such as breakdowns of aging equipment, bridges, tunnel and track.”  But it’s summer and it’s hot (how about Wednesday, right?) so funding discussions should probably hold off until September-ish.

Well…that looks to be just about – oh, here’s a lot of quotes from Elon Musk.  We’re just happy to have so many more images of Elon Musk’s face for the next Tesla article.

Ah, yeah.  Seriously crashing now.  Very easy to get distracted once the Adderall wears off.  We’re gonna go watch a movie.

Be sure to tune in next week for Part 2 of our Uber discussion as well as a return visit from our DC correspondent and a fun new contest.  Happy weekend!

We appreciate your appreciation.

We appreciate your appreciation.

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