Please Quit Your Job and Travel (Link Dump)

Thousand Island Lake

Don’t worry – this looks much better on your office computer screen than it does in person!

ratpag is happy to present another installment of our known series, Link Dump, as it tackles a topic near and dear to ratpag’s heart:  quitting.  You see, ratpag isn’t big on putting its head down and doing something just because it seems like you should be doing, well, something (replace “doing something” with “going to work” and you’ll see what ratpag’s getting at).  To further reinforce this belief, we’ve dug up this 2-week-old rebroadcast of one of our favorite – and one of their most popular – Freakonomics podcasts titled The Upside of Quitting.  We recommend you give it a listen – particularly if you’re able to listen while at a job that you fantasize about quitting day after day after day with no end in sight.

So today’s Link Dump, brought to us, as usual, by our New Jersey correspondent, is simply titled Please Quit Your Job and Travel:

Hello ratpag readers!  Our friends at the BBC have been running a series about people who quit their jobs to travel the world.  Could your correspondent be considering walking away from this lucrative career as a writer for ratpag?  Here are some of the people who quit their jobs to travel the world:

A Washington, DC lawyer and a corporate lawyer

I understand the desire to leave Washington, DC, but the tide may be turning.  The Metro has recently brought in a fleet of new rail cars.  Over the next four years over 700 of these new cars will begin rolling on the Metro system.  As if that wasn’t enough incentive to stay in the Capital City, DDOT’s new transportation plan should keep everyone there.  The plan even includes congestion pricing!  Someone could stay in DC and laugh at NYC; what with its economically inefficient roadway network.

The corporate lawyer says her desire to travel was started by watching a documentary about trans-Siberian trains.  There’s no need to quit your job to take a train!  Just book a ticket on the Amtrak network.  Amtrak can provide all sorts of travel options and may even provide a surprise, like giving you the chance to ride on a bus as well as a train!  Or, a lawyer riding on Amtrak could help resolve this dispute about new rail cars in Michigan.  And with the new speeds that trains may be hitting – like this proposed line in Texas – there’s not need to take a year off.  The train will get you back home in time for work on Monday morning!

A Social Entrepreneur

The social entrepreneur who quit his job to travel the world has spent his traveling time volunteering and he even raised over $1 million for charity.  But don’t worry:  there are ways for ratpag readers to give back without leaving the USA [ed.’s note:  like donating to ratpag].  Volunteers in Denver will be helping educate drivers about jaywalking laws and volunteers in Michigan can observe and report on roadway construction zones.  Perhaps their observations of delays and congestion will cause people to shift from driving to transit.

A Wedding Photographer

Finally, a wedding photographer quit her job and was able to take a trip financed by a car delivery service.  Despite being vehicle focused, delivering a car can show us some innovation in transportation such as the expansion of E-ZPass.  And, being on the road, someone can see changes to the car service business.  Perhaps, by driving a car, it is easier to judge whether it is fair for taxi cabs to refuse to give rides for certain trips, as is the practice in Seattle.  And, while driving is far more dangerous than taking the train, at least there’s less worry about riding next to a crude oil train.

So, ratpag, there are four examples of people who quit their job.  Could your correspondent be next?!  Is [name redacted] the Intern going to be able to pull together these wide-ranging articles if I’m traveling the world?  And, when summer ends and [name redacted] goes back to Indiana, then what happens?  [ed.’s note:  [name redacted] the Intern was fired without compensation or course credit this past Friday, June 13.]

[Editor’s note:  In the end, we strongly encourage you to quit your job!]

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3 Responses to Please Quit Your Job and Travel (Link Dump)

  1. Jeremy says:

    The water in that lake looks so warm and inviting! Is that lake accessible by monorail or inclined moving walkway? If so, maybe I’ll go live there.

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