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Despite Friday’s claim that “we don’t do weekends” ratpag wants our readers to know that we’re ever vigilant and constantly on-guard, 24 hours a day, 363 days a year (you guess which days we left out) in search of rail-and-transit-related material.  Which is why, some 85-130 minutes after our Monday deadline, we have compiled these fresh images of transportation from just this past weekend in New York City.

1.  Chinatown in lower Manhattan

Chinatown buses to many fabulous locations.

Chinatown buses to many fabulous locations.

ratpag wanted to take note of the variety of destinations offered by Chinatown bus services – notably:  why can you take a bus from Manhattan to Emporia, Virginia; town of 5,927?  ratpag interrogated the bus service proprietors but left with more questions than first arrived.

2.  Citi Field in Flushing, Queens

Please ride Amtrak so they don't get heat for advertising.

Please ride Amtrak so they don’t get heat for advertising.

ratpag was pleased to find something interesting to observe – other than the many jets’ landing pattern into LaGuardia Airport – at the Mets-Padres game at Citi Field yesterday and that came in the form of Amtrak / Acela advertisement displayed sporadically through the game.  ratpag knows that Amtrak advertising is no new thing…we just wanted to make note of our observation (as is this article’s premise).

3.  C train below the West Village

In the caboose.

In the caboose.

ratpag was treated to a VIP view of the New York City subway in action this past weekend as we were permitted admission to the sightseer’s car beneath the West Village.  We’ll let the picture do all the talking for this one – “speak a thousand words,” so to speak – and so we come to our last observation…

4.  Bud Light is the fanciest of beers?



ratpag was shocked to find this beer menu with Bud Light listed amongst the most expensive beers available for purchase.  We could only assume this mystery price was in effort to make some sort of beer congestion pricing to force one to drink other, non-Bud-Light beers.

So what did we learn this weekend and how can we apply that to our daily lives to make us better, more rounded and enriched people?  As always – we report, you decide.

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