Brats, Forgetfulness, Changing the World – The One Where We Forgot To Make A Headline


Gary again.  The ratpag sickout continues in solidarity with the San Francisco Muni workers (this despite the Muni sickout having ended a week ago) and so I have free reign to talk about whatever I want.


Item No. 1:  Eric Cantor loses his primary to a “David Brat”.  Why is this of interest to me?  Well, other than my strong, virulent tea party leanings (which ratpag could not legally ask me about – thank you very much government), this little note in the Washington Post caught my attention:

House legislative activity will cease.

Of course, “there wasn’t a heck of a lot of grand legislative plans before Cantor’s loss”, which is curious to ratpag as the Highway Trust Fund is set to expire sometime this summer and transportation, among many other things, could probably use a little attention before November.  But that’s not how things work!  Moving along…

Item No. 2:  Mass transit funding was “accidentally” left out of Nashville’s latest budget.  Oops!  The article begins

A paperwork mistake came under heavy criticism from Metro Council members, Tuesday night, after the MTA said it forgot to ask for funding for the AMP project in the city’s annual wish list.

Honest mistake.  We’re sure the transit authority had other things to concern itself with at a budget meeting other than securing funding for…itself.  The forgotten $51 million was thrown back in the budget at the last minute but, “because of that mistake, the money may not even be for the AMP anymore.”  For those who don’t remember, Nashville’s AMP is a proposed bus rapid transit system that was somehow deemed worthy of killing by the billionaire Koch brothers.  Don’t be so forgetful next time, MTA!  And finally,

Item No. 3:  Google has found another way to change the world.  This one is simple as Google has that “don’t be evil” motto and, so, we assume this will only be used for good.  We can now track everyone’s every movement in streaming High Definition video!  As long as this is used for watching airplanes land and traffic meander along desert highways, as the article’s images suggest, we see this being a real boon for transportation purposes.

What the insights are, and who benefits from it, has not been seen yet.

In any case, we’re sure it will change the world!

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