L.A. To Get More Transit Funding From Cap-And-Trade?


ratpag is crawling to a start this week, so bare with us.  It appears that some of ratpag’s crew, intentionally or not, took to a “sickout” and, as such, has left the entirety of the organization’s operation in the hands of an unpaid graduate student.  But that’s OK!  I can use this forum to show ratpag what I’m made of and maybe, just maybe, that’ll impress them enough to bestow a full time position on yours truly after graduation (expected Dec ’14 – Aug ’15.  GO BOILERMAKERS!!!)

So “we” here at ratpag stumbled across this interesting article today discussing L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti’s endorsement of “funding mass transit with cap-and-trade revenue.”  This comes in support of two California state senators, Darrell Steinberg and Kevin de Leon, who believe that cap-and-trade revenue could amount to between $3 billion and $5 billion per year.

The plan would funnel money not only towards public transportation but also affordable housing with the belief that

by increasing public transit and building affordable housing near public transit, supporters hope fewer people will use cars.

As I am temporarily editor-in-chief and COO or ratpag, inc., I give this plan the full support and approval of ratpag and all its subsidiaries.  We look forward to seeing increased funding for L.A. and all of California’s public transit programs.

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