Hate Crime (We Assume) Against Bus In Guam

ratpag was catching up on the news out of Guam – the first thing we do every morning – and was shocked to stumble across this report from the Pacific News Center.  Apparently a mass transit bus was destroyed by fire along “Route 4 in Malojloj, near the transfer station.”  Fortunately, there were no passengers on the bus and the driver got off safely.

As everyone was unharmed (aside from the bus itself), we’re left with nothing to do but wildly speculate about the cause and reason behind such senseless destruction of public transportation equipment.

Question 1:  Why were there no passengers on the bus?  ratpag finds it extremely hard to believe that any mode of public transportation – especially at 4:15 on a Thursday afternoon – would purposely be empty of passengers.

Question 2:  Why wasn’t the bus then at the transfer station – why was it only “near” it?  If the bus was without passengers then what was it doing not at a station?  Are you following ratpag here?

Question 3:  Isn’t it convenient that somebody was nearby to record the destruction of an empty mass transit bus not located at its transfer station?

The bus was said to not have been involved in an accident or crash and it is “not clear what caused the fire.”  ratpag doesn’t want to jump to conclusions but it seems very reasonable to conclude that this was the work of an anti-public transportation hate group seeking to scare passengers away from sensible mass transportation and back into polluting, congestion-causing personal vehicles.

We’re sad to see that bus go but it will not be forgotten.  ratpag will not rest until that buses killer is brought to justice (unless the cause was simply mechanical malfunction – which we believe to be extremely unlikely, by the way).

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