Bike To Work Day (Or Death To Cars Day)


Did you know that today is bike to work day?  Did you bike to work?  No?  Well go home (via transit), drag your bike out of the basement, put some air in the tires, a little grease on the chain – be sure to check the tension in your braking cables – find your helmet – don’t have a helmet?  That’s a little dangerous.  Ok, now roll up your pant legs (don’t want to get grease on your clothes), drag your bike outside – look out for that car!!  And bike yourself to work.

Or you could just take transit back to work!  But, as ratpag’s existence indicates, that may not be an option for many of our loyal readers.  So biking will have to do.

You don’t hear ratpag talk a lot about bikes.  It’s not that we’re against bikes; we just don’t have any room for bikes in our company name (rail and transit, bike advocacy group?  You’d like that, wouldn’t you Google).


We suppose we’re pro-bikes.  Hell, we’re pro-anything that gets cars off the roads.  And look at that dog riding a bike!  So today is bike to work day and here are a few of the activities, handouts, and updates from various cities around the country:

  • TransAlt is very excited about bike to work day here in New York City, seemingly putting forth its entire yearly budget in the name of freebies, handouts, and parties throughout the day.
  • The DC area has some 79 bike to work pits stops across the region handing out free t-shirts that you can later wear at the gym or, perhaps, use as a rag to wipe clean your dipstick or remove varnish.  They’ll also have raffles for bikes and other prizes and each pit stop will have free breakfast and refreshments.
  • Bike to work day in San Diego has been postponed for two weeks due to the many wildfires scattered throughout the region.
  • San Francisco apparently held their bike to work day last week, on a Thursday, for some reason but then decided to go overboard in declaring the entire month of May “bike to work month.”  As usual, feel free to do whatever you want today in San Francisco.
  • ratpag is beginning to get the feeling that bike to work day may not be as tightly coordinated as we initially thought:  Chicago bike to work week is slated for mid-June, so we’re not sure what you do today.  Maybe just bike to work if you feel like it or don’t bike to work if you don’t want to.  Just don’t drive.

polar bear

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