ratpag Celebrates National Train Day (One Day Early…We’re Off Tomorrow)


Tomorrow (May 10) is a big, big day here at ratpag.  So big that we’re definitely not working on said big day and, instead, writing about it one day early, thus fulfilling our obligations to the strenuous, unforgiving, 5-day-a-week writing schedule.

Really, though, we wanted to inform our readers that May 10th is, in fact, National Train Day.  Why May 10th?  ratpag wondered that, too.  It turns out that May 10th is a big day in rail history as it was on that day, in 1869, that the golden spike was driven at Promontory Summit, Utah, thus connecting the east and west of the United States by completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.

So what does this all mean?  Well, ratpag is nothing if not incredibly, embarrassingly cheap, and so we’ve learned that there are Amtrak discounts offered in honor of National Train Day!  Now, these discounts don’t necessarily go to locations that ratpag readers often intend to go…unless you have reason to travel to, say, McComb, MS.  But it is discounted.

We’ve also learned that there are incredibly cheap trips to be had on the Acela from Washington, DC to…Bowie, MD.  But hey, it’s only $5!  And when else have most ratpag readers been able to afford business class accommodations?  Have a nice trip to Bowie and, by the way, you’re welcome.

There are events all across the land but if your city wasn’t lucky enough to be chosen, or have the foresight, to host a National Train Day event we say tip back a cold one, and then another one, and hop on your local Amtrak, commuter rail, heavy or light rail, or maybe even freight train with open boxcar door, and enjoy the comfort and convenience of rail transportation.

So get outside and ride some trains this weekend and have a really good time – a really, really good time.  And sober up sometime Monday – preferably later in the day – and ratpag will greet you with another week of hard-hitting rail and transit news and musings, including:  the conclusion of our investigative report into life without transit, analysis of rail and transit news, autonomous vehicle breakdowns, and, very likely, a link dump sprinkled somewhere in there – probably near the end of the week.

Enjoy train day and if anyone asks what you’re doing there – say ratpag sent you!

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