ratpag Previews Next Week’s Investigative Report

It’s been a wild week here at ratpag and while there may be another post today after this, there may not be another post – today – after this.  Why all the uncertainty?  Why the lack of focus, ratpag?  We need you!

Yes, yes, ratpag gets that.  But sometimes ratpag needs to blow off a little steam and celebrate after the RECORD MONTH ratpag just had.  That’s right – April was a record month in terms of viewership for ratpag.  But ratpag, your readership levels are so low and you’ve been around such little time – isn’t every month a record month?  Great question.

ratpag is also gearing up for next week’s groundbreaking investigative series where we will be going for a ride-along across the country to explore life without ready access to public transportation.  The week-long series will be titled ratpag Investigates Life Without Transit and the Perils of Car Ownership.  We expect this work will be our Pulitzer submission early next year.

Do not fret, fellow ratpaggers.  Even if we do not appear to be working we assure you that we most certainly are – and that we’re continually working to bring you the most innovative, original, thought-provoking ideas and topics of discussion regarding rail, transit, self-driving cars, rants, and what-have-you that we can think up while in the shower or on one of those long walks that ratpag goes on when it just seems a little too late.

The weather is finally nice – go out and enjoy – but be sure, on this beautiful weekend, to check ratpag on your smartphone or publicly-accessible library computer and see what we come up with next!

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