ratpag Introduces Its Boston Correspondent; Finds Transit-Related Article Discussing “Paradigm Shift’

ratpag is proud to introduce yet another nameless, faceless correspondent to its lengthy, esteemed rolls…and so we introduce our Boston correspondent!  Much like many other well-known, historic publications we now have coverage of the entire northeast of the United States, from Washington, DC to New York to Boston, and even extending into Virginia.  Unlike many other well-known, historic publications we have managed to do this in just a matter of months and, so, we project full worldwide coverage by mid-to-late summer.

Now that that back-patting is out of the way we want to move on to the next back-patting:  Did you see that we got a new address?!  Though our old address should still work we advise that you change your bookmarks / homepage / signature line to reflect our new address, ratpag.com, of which we are very proud.

Let’s see…what else, what else…oh right!  As today is marathon day and Patriot’s Day we thought it’d be best to piggy-back on all the attention directed towards Boston and, so, our Boston correspondent tackles a data-driven bus service that will begin in Mid-May:

I am shocked that this article evaded ratpag’s radar! I was forced to read up on this revolutionary concept in the local, small town paper!

I’m intrigued by this idea but it totally does feel like a transit service for the high earners of Boston.  Given the choice between a $2 commute and a $6 commute I will always choose the cheaper one.

Never fear, there are plenty of huge egos and very important people in Cambridge and the medical center who will pay for the 18 minute luxury bus ride over the T. They better pile those complimentary snacks sky high because there’s no way hell that ride will ever clock in at only 18 minutes.

Maybe they could adopt more of a party bus atmosphere and offer booze, too – that could be worth a $6 ride home from work!  I’d suggest that they provide more of a happy hour list of specials and discounts but Massachusetts has laws prohibiting happy hour.

ratpag where are you!?

ratpag here!  One of the first things ratpag couldn’t help but notice, and maybe it’s because the non-typical tech entrepreneur who came up with this idea has the surname “George”, but is ratpag crazy?  Is there a resemblance here?

backwards hatgeorge

No, of course ratpag isn’t crazy. 

George “wants to create a ‘living, breathing’ public transportation system for the 22nd century.”  22nd-century?!  Only ratpag creates things for the 22nd century!  George wants to harness “vast amounts of online data that show where people live, work, and play…”  ratpag has already done that (PDF)!  George says “transportation has gone through a ‘huge paradigm shift‘ in the past few years because of technology.”  Yes, George, we’ve already discussed this:  all hail the self-driving car.

In the end, ratpag isn’t sure what to think with regards to this new (kind of) bus service (by the way, the bus service is called Bridj.  We triple-checked to ensure that that was the correct spelling).  We’re in favor of buses and keeping people out of cars but we hope this doesn’t turn into some sort of bus warfare like we saw this past winter in San Francisco.  However it goes, Mr. George, please keep it in check with all the “paradigm shift” talk and ratpag will continue to tentatively throw its mighty influence in your favor.

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One Response to ratpag Introduces Its Boston Correspondent; Finds Transit-Related Article Discussing “Paradigm Shift’

  1. ratpag says:

    That Seinfeld episode was on just last night! “The Stall.” What are the odds??? Also, how are you the Boston correspondent and are not talking about Meb Keflezighi at the Boston Marathon??

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