ratpag’s Non-Apology; Missive Directed Towards Optimum Cable

technical difficulties

ratpag had big plans after its historic 47th post.  We had more hard-hitting investigative reporting planned, more guest link dumps, more correspondents (including the first from our Boston Bureau), and continued witty – some even say hilarious – commentary on the state of transportation in our country today.  But then Optimum Cable effectively neutered ratpag, forcing us to put forth an unaccustomed amount of sheer effort to spread the seed of ratpag’s wisdom.  This will not stand.

And so ratpag is now being broadcast from various remote, undisclosed locations along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.  Optimum may have failed to do its job of providing 21st-century levels of internet service but ratpag will not fail at providing 21st-, nay 22nd-, century levels of rail and transit news with riotously funny commentary.

Let this serve as a warning, Optimum Cable, and please know that it will be your last:  do not attempt to stand between of ratpag and the world.  Your efforts, while infuriating, will only prove futile and ratpag will not hesitate in bringing legal action to your door (think we’re kidding?  Have you read our posts?).

We conclude by apologizing to no one as we shift full and complete blame to Optimum Cable.  We ask that our loyal readers be patient as we will soon be back on our normal operating schedule.

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