ratpag Finally Discovers A Reason to Live

Editor’s note: ratpag got drunk last night (technically yesterday afternoon) celebrating a colleague’s successful dissertation defense.


Too hungover to edit, ratpag is pulling a three week-old post from the draft folder, where half-assed posts go to die. Enjoy!


Last night, while shuffling aimlessly along abandoned rail lines through the bad parts of town, as ratpag is wont to do, we stumbled upon this article written by “CNN Staff”, of whom we are loyal followers.  An around the world rail trip.  We scolded ourselves for somehow having missed the openings of several trans-ocean railways – Why are you so stupid, ratpag?  Stupid stupid! – but then read beyond the headline:  the journey begins with a flight.  Meh.

Despite the $36,500 price tag we continued to read.  You begin in London on May 18, 2015 and fly to New York to “spend 20 days crossing North America by train.”  No report on whether one can simply begin this journey in New York.  The journey continues on to DC, Chicago, and Denver before hopping about the Southwest and riding a boat to San Francisco and flying to Shanghai, People’s Republic of China.

“The trip sticks firmly to the rails from then on,” making its way through China and Mongolia to Russia where you get on the Trans-Siberian railway and enter Europe through Moscow.  You then travel to “Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Innsbruck, and Venice” before returning to London.  Sounds lovely.

The 53 day journey is being limited to 25 wealthy eccentrics.  We take most issue with CNN Staff’s conclusory line “Or you could just catch a plane.”  How witty.  You cannot discuss such a journey and support such a story with various ground-level pictures and conclude with discussion of just taking a plane – not when this journey already has two lengthy international flights.  Shame!

Sighhh…we’re sorry CNN Staff.  We snapped.  We’re just a bit bitter as we feel such a journey is not feasible for ratpag writers and most of the population.  Perhaps you would pay for our journey?  No, no, we couldn’t accept that.  Please tell us how it goes so we can see if it matches up with our dreams.  Sigh.

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