Everything We Love is Colliding

Allow ratpag to explain what is happening this week:

  1. Mike Judge
  2. is back with a new show
  3. on HBO
  4. that lampooning Silicon Valley culture.

This combines ratpag’s two greatest loves: Beavis & Butthead (both the first run and the reboot) and crapping all over tech culture. Slate reviews it here.

In the opening episode of Silicon Valley, they attend a party for the IPO of yet another pointless software firm, and the 20ish CEO grabs the mic from Kid Rock and shouts:

“We’re making the world a better place … through constructing elegant hierarchies for maximum code reuse and ostensibility.”

It would be funnier if I hadn’t once overheard two Stanford computer science PhDs discussing a third PhD who had pursued his dream job. That dream? To market hand sanitizer to rural villages in Vietnam. He’s taking an advanced degree from a top university, and trying to make a buck off the most useless product ever invented in a culture that doesn’t want it. The best part was the other two PhDs who were openly jealous. Not even jealous, more like in awe of someone’s noble purpose, holding him on par with a medical researcher working on the river blindness vaccine.



It’s basically the same thing.

Full episode of Silicon Valley is posted, but only if you’re in REAL AMERICA.

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