Guest Post / Link Dump & Major News About ratpag’s Leadership

We here at ratpag are lazy.  Very, vary lazy.  We’re so lazy that we’d rather not go back and correct that misspalling of “very”.  Or “misspelling”.  So we’ve decided to open our pages to yet another Guest Post!  We like the angle our guest writer took in presenting a vast array of random, mostly transit-related links and presenting them in such volume that we couldn’t possibly analyze each and, so:  we report, you decide.  We think you might also enjoy the widely unknown, possible fourth person perspective that this post takes.  We can’t think of what else you’d call a post by ratpag talking to some sort of detached ratpag entity – a thing that is not really a word.  Without any further ado, our guest post:

Where are you, ratpag??  Are you out on the west coast, eagerly awaiting a rail service that would whisk you between the City by the Bay and the City of Angels?  A train so fast that even its detractors confound themselves in their opposition – arguing that it will only be two hours faster than driving and not two and a half hours.

Or, perhaps you have left the West Coast.  After a fun weekend in Los Angeles, at 10 o’clock on Sunday evening, you boarded the Texas Eagle for the Heartland.  Imagine the excitement you saw on that train ride!  And while you, ratpag, crossed New Mexico along its southern edge another Amtrak route is awaiting improvement along the northern portion of that state.  But you did not disembark in New Mexico.  Rather, you stayed on the Texas Eagle, riding through southern New Mexico and into Texas near El Paso, past San Antonio and Austin, finally switching trains in Fort Worth.  How much time did you have to enjoy the cafe car or to read – or even to write!  And, after switching trains in Fort Worth, you could be in Oklahoma City by 10 o’clock Tuesday evening.  Perhaps even you are in Oklahoma City, ready for train service to Tulsa.

But, of course, ratpag, you know that Tulsa and Oklahoma City aren’t having all the fun.  Why, down South, Louisiana is planning train service between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  And you have covered the developments in Indiana so closely!  And, as you know, ratpag, the excitement extends up the east coast.  If they build that connection between MARC and SEPTA, you could take commuter rail all the way from Virginia to the colorful lights of New York City.  And, in the Big City, you could live practically above the enchantment of a reused rail line.

Perhaps we are being foolish to locate you, ratpag.  Your location could be as limitless as the vast tapestry of passenger trains spread across this country!  No, we are no more foolish than those who are unable to imagine the exciting vacations and journeys, sojourns and tours available to us on rail and transit.  Those who insist on finding the problems with rail and transit, rather than imagining how fun it could be!

We’ll let that digest for a moment before moving on to our next major announcement…  OK, we’re back.  Our team of legal “experts” have warned that this is anything from “ill-advised” to “suicidal” but our next major announcement is that we will be announcing, in the coming days – it could be Tuesday, maybe Wednesday (probably not Wednesday), perhaps even later today – the identity of ratpag’s beloved President and Founder.  We’ve determined that ratpag needs a face – a human face and not that of a cartoonish rat that we shamelessly stole from the internet – and that face and name needs to be known to the world.  Stay tuned…

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