Spreading the Wisdom of ratpag

ratpag is exhausted from four days of finding you all the hard hitting transit and Musk related news, then making boner jokes about it. The Tesla post alone required reading, like, four articles and a wikipedia page!

But it’s not just boner jokes around here. ratpag is busy meeting with its peers in the scientific, transit, and humor communities. Just a few examples of recent outreach efforts:

1. We’re on Twitter, @ratpag1. Can you believe someone took @ratpag? Don’t worry, we will continue to ridicule Twitter at least once a post. It’s called irony, I think.

2. ratpag has a new logo. Expect to see it embossed on all official correspondence, which, as always is conducted through Canadian mail.


3. ratpag got drunk and wrote some stuff.


4. ratpag was published in the proceedings of the 8th annual Association for Computational Hereasy Special Interest Group on Harry Quale Bovik (SigBovik 2014). ratpag is actually not kidding, this is an actual thing that happened last Tuesday. The acceptance rate was a selective 100%, yet we still managed to get three papers through:

  • Analysis of the Effects of Substantial Lane Closure During Afternoon Peak Along a Heavily-Traveled Urban Arterial Choke-Point (PDF)
  • Yet Another Application of Our Pet Technique (PDF)
  • Towards a Completely Autonomous Vehicle (PDF)

Full proceedings are here, but we warn you while there are many articles about drinking games, there are surprisingly few focused on transit.

5. ratpag refused to attend SigBovik 2014 via the following threatening letter.


6. We mis-wrote ratpag’s full name on our own logo in the letter.

7. SCIgen is a program that automatically generates computer science papers that are so jargon-loaded as to seem legitimate, but when read closely are non-nonsensical. It’s often used to test if certain conferences are actually reviewing papers or blanket accepting everything. ratpag suggests you mess around with it.

What does next week hold for ratpag???

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