Tesla is a Precious Flower

Tesla makes and sells a popular electric car. Elon Musk and his face own Tesla. You might think ratpag hates Tesla due to the Elon Musk connection. This is not exactly true. Elon Musk came up with Hyperloop, and our feelings are somewhat mixed there (full analysis in the next few weeks). No, ratpag hates Elon Musk for his general Silicon Valley I-can-fix-any-problem-with-technology-and-massive-government-funding hyperbole and cognitive dissonance.

There’s another unique dimension to a lot of projects coming from the tech industry. First there’s a misunderstanding of the problems of society, which is how you get mid-20-year-olds explaining how an app the finds a good restaurant is a social good.

Then there’s the special flower attitude, the presumption that because it’s coming from the trinity of Google, Apple, or Tesla, then the rules don’t apply. Combine that with the presumption that everything the government supports is wrong, and you get stories like this:


You see, New Jersey has a law that requires that restricts automakers from selling vehicles directly to consumers. This is to keep them from competing with dealerships, which are locally-owned rather than owned by the automakers. Does this cut into automaker profits? Sure, I guess in some ways, I don’t really know. But like most government laws affecting business, because it affects them all equally, no one really loses. If you’re some luxury brand from Italy, you partner with an existing dealer of other luxury brands, train their salespeople and mechanics, and away you go!

But Tesla, no, they take this to the State Supreme-freakin-Court. Forcing them to work through an independent dealership is “unfair to consumers” even though it seemed to work well for every other luxury brand. Tesla’s different. They benefit society, somehow. How can they be expected to sell their cars alongside Lotuses?

It’s this utter dismissal of non-Tesla customers (BASE PRICE: $58,570-$106,570) as union-hacks drives me nuts. We can all have unlimited mobility, just purchase your own train. Please, let’s not bend over backwards for one more billionaires pet-project slash status symbol. Did I mention he craps all over high speed rail every time he gets hold of a piece of paper? This gets the 4/1 Hmmmm.

You want more reason to slap him in the face?

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