ratpag Rants Plus The Group Effort To Kill BRT In Nashville

ratpag likes to think it doesn’t complain much.  Sure, we’ll judge, condescend, or put you on a Shit List, but that’s part of the territory.  Every one of those people and entities deserved what ratpag said about them.  So we’d like to spend today complaining about the constant slights that ratpag can’t help but perceive.

First:  No Google, we did not mean “ratbag” when we typed in ratpag to inflate our search rankings:


Please refrain from making this mistake again or we will be forced to take legal action.

Second:  This is a bit dated, as ratpag has predictably exploded in popularity since we grabbed this screenshot of our “most popular” topics, but ratpag never forgets.  Were you really most interested in slugging and prison or were you just having fun with our finely-tuned data analytics feature?



We track our readership statistics here at ratpag closely – maybe too closely – and we are determined to bring you, the reader, exactly what you want to read even before you realize what it is you want to read.  But when you, the reader, present to us such careless data from our extensive tagging – when we have so many actual transit-related tags – you threaten to create a drastic, uncontrollable paradigm shift* in the material that ratpag produces.  Do you want to be responsible for such a thing?

Third:  *Paradigm Shift – a term invented by Thomas Kuhn in his influential book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”.  Please stop using this phrase unless discussing the “change in basic assumptions, or paradigm, within the ruling theory of science.”  As evidenced by our most popular tag analysis (Rant #2:  slugging? prison?), nobody who reads ratpag should ever use the phrase “paradigm shift”.  The first paragraph in this article discussing paradigm shift was interesting.  That is all.

ratpag will now place “paradigm shift” on our Shit List and will never use the phrase again.

Fourth and Final:  This article, from The Tennessean, makes ratpag sick.  Charles and David Koch, residents of Kansas and New York, “played a big role in the passage of  state Senate legislation that would stop the $174 million bus rapid transit project known as the Amp” in Nashville, Tennessee.  StopAmp.org, obviously opposed to the Amp BRT, thanked the Koch brother’s Americans For Prosperity organization for their tireless efforts to kill the project.

Stop Amp was concerned that the project would use federal funds, eliminate on-street parking along the route, and remove 2-2.5 lanes of traffic (we question the reality of there being a transportation engineer who would leave one-half of a lane behind for travel), amongst other grievances.  Stop Amp claims to support “effective, sensible improvements to mass transit” in Nashville.  Please feel free, stopamp.org, to discuss these improvements with ratpag or, you know, the people who’s expanded transit you just killed.

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