Airport Trains: The Good and The Bad

Yesterday we wrote of the continually uninspiring developments from D.C.’s Silver Line so today we were pleased to find news of a different rail line in a different region that is not only opening but opening ahead of schedule.  Looky here, the DART, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, has announced that their “light rail trains will start carrying passengers from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to downtown Dallas in August, months earlier than expected” (as reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram).   Thank you, DART.

The Orange Line station at Terminal A will open on August 18, well ahead of its originally-planned December 31 christening, and will be completed under budget.  We’ve snatched a picture from the DART website showing what the new station looks like just beyond the tarmac at Gate A10:


The Dallas Morning News writes of how the station has been a long time coming as “an airport station has been in the works since DART was created in 1983” and giddily talks of how the station may be the “final hurdle in Dallas being able to call itself a legitimate international city.”  We sincerely hope D.C. and it’s Metro are taking notice.

In other news, ratpag somehow missed the story of the Chicago L train plowing into a platform and halfway up an escalator at O’Hare International Airport.  We’re not sure what we were doing to have missed that – power outage?  Were we doing laundry?  We don’t know.  32 people were injured but fortunately no one was killed or suffered, as far as we’ve read, serious injury.  The train’s operator is reported to have fallen asleep, something that she had also done only one month earlier while on the job, and so we would think she won’t find herself behind the controls of any more trains.

As everyone seems OK, ratpag mourns the loss of “$6 million worth of damage to [train] equipment” – not even counting damage to the station – and wish for a full, speedy recovery to the people and the model 2600 Series cars so tragically beaten in this senseless accident.

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