Washington Metro Silver Line Opening D*****d

We here at ratpag are still recovering from the lashing that NAARP laid upon us just yesterday so we questioned whether writing about the D.C. Metro’s Silver Line would be the best way to pull ourselves away from the ledge, so to speak and literally.  In any case, D.C.’s WUSA9 has reported that the Silver Line opening has been…delayed indefinitely.

Apparently the delay is due to “serious problems with the train communication system and other issues.”  The communication system is reported to be “unreliable” and “shut down when it should not.”  That would certainly qualify as unreliable.  As a show of confidence, the system has been concluded to not be performing for “some reason” and will “take time” to fix.  It is also being reported that the antennae cable and speaker system already installed in stations meet old codes but not new codes and, thus, need to be completely reinstalled.  We will keep you posted with future, equally-specific developments.

Does ratpag seem a little jaded?  Perhaps.  ratpag just feels a bit burned by the Silver Line as we have long advocated for its existence but its mere existence seems to make our job significantly more difficult.  And things being more difficult means ratpag has to do extra work and ratpag hates doing extra work.  ratpag usually hates doing any work, period.  So thanks a lot, Silver Line.  Sure, we’ll keep advocating for you but could you please get something right for once and open sometime this year – putting you only one year behind schedule?  ratpag has other things on its plate – MagLevs and our popular Travel From Here to There series – and we simply can’t be wasting our valuable time with your antics.

So, to end on a positive note, because Silver Line news certainly hasn’t done that today, here is an article from Gothamist DE-BUNKING myths regarded cross-country rail travel.  Now that was easy.

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