Guest Op-Ed: The Other Side

Someone at our most recent board meeting suggested that we should open our wildly popular forum to all opinions:  pro-light rail, pro-subway, pro-long-distance-bus (ugh), and even THE OPPOSITION.  “OK, we guess?”  So, without any further ado, a guest op-ed by the National Anti-Association of Railroad Passengers (NAARP?).  Before relinquishing our pages, we want to make clear that this is not associated with our friends at NARP, whom we don’t despise.  Take it away, NAARP!

Dear Idiots:

I hope you are on the train (Amtrak) delayed by some sort of mechanical malfunction, downed wire, or the sheer ineptitude of railroad employees and bureaucracy.  Having fun?  Why don’t you go get another $7 Bud Light and cost the American taxpayers $13 more hard-earned dollars in the process!

I don’t mean to wantonly berate you because I pity you and that would be mean.  I pity the feeble brain inside your head that has convinced you that it’s worth it, even superior, to pay hundreds of dollars to sit on a train when you could just drive your car wherever, whenever, for practically free.  I pity everyone because your selfish decision costs American taxpayers BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that could be better spent on fixing potholes.

If you are reading this you probably support not only Amtrak but intracity (and you thought I was dumb) rail and buses.  No, you are dumb.  Nobody rides those things.  NO ONE!!!  When was the last time you saw someone who wasn’t poor or homeless or in the process of getting shot riding a bus or light rail?  Probably never.  Yet you still insist on putting American Taxpayers deeper and deeper in debt with even more useless light rails and even goddamn ski lifts right in the middle of a city.  Have you lost your minds?  This is where NAARP draws the line.

Consider this the warning shot, ratpag and all like-minded idiots.  NAARP is easily more passionate, motivated, and resourceful than any of you dregs on society could ever dream to be.  Cease and desist all pro-public transportation and train propaganda and buy a car LIKE AN ADULT.  GET A JOB!!!



Thank you, NAARP.  ratpag welcomes any and all opposing opinions and we look forward to further discussing something that truly impacts everyone’s lives – but please keep it civil! 🙂

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2 Responses to Guest Op-Ed: The Other Side

  1. Lyle S. Seavey says:

    I agree with NAARP. Get a life, idiots.

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