Don’t Be Stupid – Ride the Train From L.A. to San Diego

We were going to discuss this, the “foul-mouthed video” that shattered Japan’s politeness (caused by a train!) but we felt there was little to add that Rocket News 24 hadn’t already covered.  So instead we got lazy and decided to resort to our wildly popular Ride a Train From Here to There series.  This week’s edition, as indicated in the headline:  Ride a Train From Los Angeles to San Diego (or vice versa).

We’re not going to discuss the traffic you’ll avoid, be it caused by car fires or mattress-on-freeway situations or just good old fashioned recurring congestion.  No, you know about that.  We’ll just touch on what you can see and do along the route.  First, here’s L.A. Union Station:


Pretty nice, right?  I mean, we could’ve done without the no-smoking sign ruining our shot but, all in all, this was much better than we expected.  So get in there and find your Pacific Surfliner and get ready for a wild ride down the coast.

The first good place to get off, if you’re so inclined, is Angels Stadium in Anaheim.  Why not?  What else have you got to do?  Best of all is the Amtrak station is right next to the stadium – just cut across a parking lot and be there in less than five minutes.  Look:


Easiest thing in the world.  You can even go in an outfield gate instead of walking around half the stadium.  After you’re done in Anaheim get back on the train and sit back and relax.  No need to keep getting on and off over and over – what’re you trying to prove?  It’s just a short trip.  Get a seat on the right side of the train, next to a window, because that’s the ocean side and you’ll get to enjoy views right on the beach.  Look, look:


Pretty good view, right?  And that’s from the train!  Sure, there’s that marine layer there but that’ll burn off.  Ride along in the Surfliner until you get to San Diego – either the Old Town Station or the Santa Fe Depot in downtown (the last stop).  If you’re going straight to the beaches or Point Loma or La Jolla it’s easier to get off at the Old Town Station while downtown and points south are better served by the Santa Fe Depot (the Santa Fe Depot is nicer – might as well ride the thing out):


Once there you might as well go to a Padres game.  After all, it’s right there.  You’ll walk through a bit of the Gaslamp which, sure, is touristy but you’re likely a tourist if you’re following this guide.  Plus there’s booze there.  Enjoy the many, many local San Diego beers and take transit to lug your drunken self around!


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