Free Rides! Plus: Continued Coverage of the Most Boring Transit News in the World

Excuse us while we go light some old tires on fire because ratpag has learned, by way of the New York Daily News, that Paris has been handing out free rides on mass transit for the past three days.  At issue is excessive pollution triggered by “warm spring days followed by colder than usual nights” prompting the city to take measures to keep cars off the road.  The article has little to say other than what we just repeated but take your time, drink it in, because it may be some time before your beloved ratpag is able to strong arm transit officials in America into wantonly giving out free rides on our rails and buses.

Next, and we’ll make this quick, our reporter on the Central Indiana beat has informed us that “Senate Bill 176, which would allow six counties to have voter referendums on whether to fund mass transit projects primarily through income taxes, now goes to Gov. Mike Pence” (as reported by the Indianapolis Star).  We’re not going to dig any deeper because it’s Monday, St. Patty’s Day, NCAA Tournament Week 1, and its just so very, very boring.  Look, we like transit – love it – but Paris just handed out free Métro rides and Senate Bill 176 just can’t compete with that.

And if you plan on celebrating today and take the train home (which we hope you do) please leave some space for us:


And be safe.

asleep on tracks

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