Non-transit Friday Post

It’s Friday and Spring Break, and at ratpag that means an excuse to post YouTube gems as opposed to our tangentially-related-to-transit news articles and photos. 

First up, here’s “Prince” Naseem Hamed, a British boxer from in the 90s with a record of 36-1. Cartwheels after a knockdown, entering the ring on a throne, doing a two-step after a particularly good combo—this man is the Hyperloop of taunting.

Here’s a fresh interpretation of Joe Cocker’s lyrics. Admit it: you didn’t know what he looked like, either.

Bitcoin, the virtual currency that made any nerd with expendable income in 2010 filthy rich in 2013, was created by an unknown entity known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. Newsweek tracked him down, and it’s actually a guy in L.A. named Satoshi Nakamoto. And you thought Newsweek was done when they shut down the print version. He’s supposedly worth $400 million, yet his outfit seems built around a fanny pack.

Finally, a little stand-up. Chelsea Peritti has been great on Brooklyn Nine-Nine this year. Here’s a clip from her set in 2008 discussing the importance of checking your messages. It’s too hot for YouTube, so you gotta click the link.

That’s it! Now enjoy your weekend, do a traffic study, hike the AT, and get ratpagging.

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